DPF Regeneration Status – LUZ


States status of the current DPF Regeneration.

  • Gauge
  • TXD
  • RXF
  • RXD
  • MTH
  • Name
  • Notes
  • DPF Regeneration Status
  • 07E02CFE90F8
  • D2E803FE0000
  • 1808
  • 000100010000
  • RGN
  • 4.42 Required

Usage Notes

A regeneration is triggered when the filter needs to be cleaned. The filter is cleaned by burning off all the diesel particles (soot). During a regen extra fuel is injected into the engine to raise the exhaust gas temperatures in order to clean the filter. A typical regen normally takes about 10 minutes but can take up to 20 to 30 minutes and is best done at higher speeds. If the vehicle must come to an idle while in a regen, you may notice the idle speed is higher than normal. This is to protect the DPF catalyst from thermal shock.