Quick Tips

The ScanGauge family of products by Linear Logic puts a whole host of fuel saving tools, performance features, and digital information about your vehicle right at your fingertips. Below we have assembled a comprehensive list of quick-tips, tutorials and other informative articles to help you get the most out of your ScanGauge.

Learn how to set up your ScanGauge to save fuel, or track your vehicles performance, or program new digital gauges.

Firmware Notes

Firmware Check From the Home Screen, push the lower right function button twice next to MORE. Next, use the upper left and right function buttons to cycle through the available options until you reach the screen titled Version. 4.00 Performance Monitor added New menu...

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Tailgate Up/Down and Gas Mileage

With gasoline going ever higher in cost, I've noticed people putting more effort into squeezing some extra miles out of a tank of gas. In particular I've noticed more and more people in pickup trucks driving around with the tailgate down. I believe this is being done...

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Saving Fuel

According to the US Federal government, the way you drive can affect fuel economy by up to 33%. See http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/driveHabits.shtml Most of us are aware of how you can drive a vehicle in a manner to significantly reduce fuel economy. It is surprising...

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Using Performance Monitor

The ScanGaugeII now includes the all new Performance Monitor™ The Performance Monitor™ provides the ability to track the performance of your vehicle over short periods of time, distance and acceleration. You can think of the Performance Monitor as a performance-based...

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Finding Incomplete OBDII Tests

Some states are now using the OBDII connector for emissions testing. The good news is that if the vehicle has completed testing its emissions systems since the last time the battery was disconnected or the trouble codes reset, the test takes only seconds to pass. The...

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