Vehicle Compatibility


Is ScanGauge Compatible With Your Vehicle?

ScanGauge products are designed to plug directly into the vehicle diagnostic connector located under the dash. There are three primary types of connectors. Cars and light trucks use an OBDII connector while large diesel powered over the road long-haul trucks and diesel pusher motor homes use either J1939 and J1708 connectors.

ScanGauge 3 & ScanGauge 2

The ScanGauge family of OBDII products are compatible with 1996 and newer cars and light trucks. Some vehicles built prior to 1996 may also be compatible with ScanGauge products. Click the link below for more a detailed compatibility listing.

ScanGaugeD & ScanGaugeKR

J1938 & J17008 Vehicles
The ScanGaugeD & ScanGaugeKR products are designed to be used with diesel pusher motorhomes and over the road long-haul trucks. These vehicles use the J1939 and J1708 protocols.  The ScanGauge will plug directly into the diagnostics connector port which will generally be located under the dash.

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