Upgrade Your ScanGauge

Upgrade Your Older ScanGauge

The latest software for the ScanGaugeII is version 4.22. The latest software for the ScanGaugeD is 9.11 and the latest software for the ScanGaugeE is 7.12. To check the firmware version of your ScanGauge, use the diagrams shown below.

From the Home Screen, push the lower right function button twice next to MORE. Next, use the upper left and right function buttons to cycle through the available options until you reach the screen titled Version.

Firmware Check – Post 4.0

From the Home Screen, from the home screen and pressing MORE>MORE>MORE>VERSION

Firmware Check – pre 4.0

Version 4.00 was the first release with the updated menu system and performance monitoring.

The cost to upgrade is $25 (USD)

There will be a new manual and quick start guide included with every upgrade

Return shipping to you will be provided by US Post Office and this cost is included in the $25 (USD)

Please only send the ScanGauge unit in, do not send the cable or original packaging.

Current turnaround time is about 1 week, this does not include shipping time.



For upgrades you need to:

  1. Fill out the form below and click “Add Upgrade to Your Cart”
  2. Complete the Checkout process and print out your Upgrade Request confirmation email
  3. Mail your ScanGauge unit to Linear Logic.
    You do not need to include your cable or the original packaging

    Linear Logic
    Attn: Upgrade Dept.

    2222 S. Dobson Rd.
    Ste 801,
    Mesa, AZ 85202